Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Eragon By Christopher Paolini 


Suitable for 10+

This is the first book I chose to review, and this is because not only is it my favourite book, but I noticed there were LOW RATINGS ON GOODREADS! 

This is the sort of book that takes you through human growth, perseverance, and what it means to be good in this world. It is so inter-dimensional because you are literally walking into a new world, and you actually feel it and understand what’s going on. You form a connection, and personally, I felt like I truly was pulled along this mystic and super cool adventure that was also scary, because it felt so real. 

However, let me get into the main part. Ergaon is about a boy who finds a dragon egg whilst hunting in the Spine, a mysterious forest, near the village where he lives. 

He tries to sell it, not realizing it is in fact an egg, and instead is hunted down by evil creatures sent by Galbatorix, an evil dictator who has ruled for far too long. Eragon sets out to seek safe haven and figure out a way to fight Galbatorix.

This is obviously a majorly abridged synopsis, however I didn’t want to include any spoilers. 

Book series in order





If you want detailed opinions and reviews of each of the books, let me know in the comments below!

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