The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Now this book is described as written by a New York Times Bestselling Author, but this book is such a let down. There is little to none character development, so many stereotypical and shallowly written characters. The world is interesting, but once again, the layout and geography of the surroundings is poorly described and misleading at times. 

Let me get into the book, the plot surmises of a three sisters (a pair of twins) who are captured by their mother’s ex-husband, who’s a faerie, after he murders their parents. Only the first daughter is his real daughter and half faerie by blood, but they are treated like they are his daughters as well. They are very lucky because the guy is a general and they grow up surrounded by the high courts and royalty. They are awarded the same opportunities as their eldest sister, and they learn swordplay and other academic lessons alongside royalty. However, they are hated because faeries consider humans less than them, and suffer from prejudicial hatred. 

They are toyed with, but out of the twins, Jude (the protagonist) is stronger it seems, and fights against what is expected of her and refuses to remain docile towards powerful faerie. Honestly, its so cliché the way she’s so inexplicably better at swordplay and is sought after by this high prince. I don’t want to include spoilers, that’s not my style but the characters are two dimensional, and there’s no real character development, except for a revelation that I assume the author believes is character development.

I was overall disappointed but still gave this author the 6 because I do believe that if people are looking for a stereotypical ‘strong woman’ character that does badass things, then this is the book for you. I devoured this book within like 2 hours, hoping I’d get to the point of why so many people adore this book and why she’s regarded as such an amazing author. 

In terms of plot, another thing that bothered me was the shallow grasp on elements of the story such as time and place, both ridiculously written. 

If you think differently please let me know, I’d love to discuss it. 

I’m not even going to list the books in order or series, don’t waste your money on this. I paid 12 CAD on this book and read it on the Kindle. 


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