Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

Rating: 10/10 

Age: 13+ 

Before I get into the review, I gotta admit that I’m somewhat a fan of steampunk. I love the ingenuity that authors take to create this modern world that works on all these cool machines. Even more, they make you wish we lived in a steampunk world (is it just me XD)! 

One of my favourite books is Airborn by Kenneth Oppel, not only is every single book he has ever written amazing, but the entire world he creates is fantastic in this series! 

In this book, the primary mode of flying IS BY AIRSHIPS! 

I wish I could convey the excitement Oppel (gosh, I’m a nerd) invokes through his writing. The way that Matt Cruise (the protagonist) describes the joys of flying is exhilirating. Then he gets caught up with pirates (ON AIRSHIPS, HOW COOL IS THAT), in this whole adventure on a quest for hydrium, the gas that powers airships and most things (Oppel likens this whole industry to petroleum in our world). 

So Matt Cruise is a cabin boy aboard this luxury airship that travels to exotic destinations, and one-day dreams of piloting his own airship but is poor and has no connections to an air academy. So he just dreams. 😦

 He only feels truly alive whilst flying, and part of his motivation is his Dad’s legacy aboard airships. So he leaves his mother and two sisters in Canada and just like that, he is on his way to Australia. 

On this trip, he befriends Kate de Vries, an upper class young woman who’s intent on finding proof of flying panther like creatures, and plans to go to school for zoology after. 

Vibrant and stubborn, Kate manages to pull Matt into this adventure that includes pirates AND panthers. 

I truly feel like I don’t do this book justice, the first book is amazing, and the next two only get better. Each book chronicles unique and fantastical creatures that Oppel manages to make sense! Each adventure takes place in a different setting, each with evil villains and even terrorist plots (the third and final book), but what’s more amazing, are the issues with politics and power structures that Oppel raises seamlessly through these scanarios. 

I actually get this sense of breathlessness whenever I delve into this series, which sounds dramatic I know, but the adventure and new technological and biological discoveries are thrilling and truly make you want to take a dimension gun (I know they don’t exist, but a girl’s gotta dream) (on that note, which world would you want to live in and why?) and shoot yourself. 

Series order: 






Piratica by Tanith Lee

Rating: 7/10 

Age: 12+

Piratica By Tanith Lee

Artemesia Fitz-Willoghby Weatherhouse (Art), yes that’s her name, is the brilliant and defiant protagonist in this crazy pirate adventure. Now, I revisited this book after probably (maybe?), 7 years. The very idea of this book is hilarious and charming.

Art loses her Mother (and her memory) at a young age and is sent to live with her rich father, who sends her to finishing school in hopes of putting her straight. However, after 6 years at the academy, she hits her head and regains her memory. This story takes place in the year Seventeen-Twelvety (early 1800’s in our world), so if you’re not into historical fiction, then this book is not for you. But if you are into badass teenage heroines who charm the pants off of everybody (then steals them), this book is.  😉

In these memories, she catches glimpses of her mother’s daring adventures at sea, the most feared pirate in England. She immediately leaves, and in a strange series of events (declaring herself to be Art Blastside), steals from an aspiring singer, makes him a highwayman, and manages to band together her Mother’s old crew and convince them all to steal the ship they are currently ‘working’ on. 

Now, there’s a catch to all this: those memories are true, however they didn’t take place on the high seas but ON A STAGE, and her mother wasn’t a pirate, in fact, neither of them are. They are all ACTORS! 

Still, Art isn’t swayed, and continues down the path with her misfit bunch of actors who have suddenly become the most ‘fearsome’ and ‘troublesome’ pirates on the high seas! *They also have a mysterious map which may or may not yield true treasure!

Go hunting for gold, with Art, and discover a new world, that is slightly distorted from ours, and laugh out loud at the pure Ludacrisy in so many scenes! 

This book is a trilogy, and the first one does start out a bit dry almost, but if you can read the first book, make sure to get through the second and third, which are even more detailed and fantastical! 

I did give it a 7, which is still a high score respectively, however it is a bit dry and shallow, and there is this strange tone the Author takes on whilst writing. However, it could just be that it doesn’t suit my style. 

Series Order


Piratica II Return to Parrot Island 

Piratica III The Family Sea 

Let me know below what you think of this book, if you’ve read it, and if you agree with my rating!


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A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 10/10 

Age: 16+

This book was the most riveting, brutal, and real YA I’ve come across in a while. I am actually shocked it’s not more popular! 

What makes a good YA are adult themes that truly express what teenagers are capable of feeling. And I’m not just talking about sexuality, but emotional depth.

This book tells the sordid tale of a young girl in another world where faeries exist. Feyre Archeron is forced to hunt because her family has no money or food, and her dad is disabled and desolate. Her sisters don’t help either. Unfortunately, she kills a grey wolf that turns out to be a faerie and as a result, this faerie High Lord demands Feyre as retribution as demanded by a treaty regarding human-faerie interaction. 

This is a very loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and by loose, I mean extremely loose. She obviously falls in love with him, but what she doesn’t know, is that everybody’s powers have been stripped in the faerie realm. The remaining faeries maintain a very loose hold on magic, whilst nightmares roam the forests, sent by the evil faerie intent on torturing everyone.

KINDA SPOILER ALERT* Read past the first book to find out why it’s not a Beauty and the Beast retelling. 😉

What makes this book jarring is the explicit brutality and real life parallelism drawn. That’s why the age is pretty high. I don’t want to go into details, because I HATE BOOK SPOILERS! But the journey this girl goes on IS INTENSE! The world created by this author is STUNNING! Not similar to anything I’ve encountered, and it was definitely a fresh take on the binary concept of good and evil, and it circumvented the concept by managing to create truly multi-dimensional characters. 

I recommend this book for both genders, there is a strong theme of romance, but a mature one that isn’t about appealing to teenage girls, even though it may seem like that at first. 

Without a doubt, if you read the first book, you’re going to read the second book!

I finished this series in 2 days because it was so amazing, I borrowed it from my library but it is also available on Amazon Kindle! 


Book Series Order 

A Court of Thorns and Roses 

A Court of Mist and Fury 

A Court of Wings and Ruin 

A Court of Frost and Starlight 

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Eragon By Christopher Paolini 


Suitable for 10+

This is the first book I chose to review, and this is because not only is it my favourite book, but I noticed there were LOW RATINGS ON GOODREADS! 

This is the sort of book that takes you through human growth, perseverance, and what it means to be good in this world. It is so inter-dimensional because you are literally walking into a new world, and you actually feel it and understand what’s going on. You form a connection, and personally, I felt like I truly was pulled along this mystic and super cool adventure that was also scary, because it felt so real. 

However, let me get into the main part. Ergaon is about a boy who finds a dragon egg whilst hunting in the Spine, a mysterious forest, near the village where he lives. 

He tries to sell it, not realizing it is in fact an egg, and instead is hunted down by evil creatures sent by Galbatorix, an evil dictator who has ruled for far too long. Eragon sets out to seek safe haven and figure out a way to fight Galbatorix.

This is obviously a majorly abridged synopsis, however I didn’t want to include any spoilers. 

Book series in order





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